Draught Survey

By GSS Ops Team 21 January, Monday
Ship Dry Cargo program allows to calculate loaded / discharged ship's quantity based on draught survey or on rail cars quantities.

The program Ship Dry Cargo has the following list of cargo operations as shown on the picture below: Blog The program Ship Dry Cargo allows includes a determination of ship's quantity by means of draught survey.
The Draught survey Report consists of 2 pages:

Page 1 of 2: Blog Page 2 of 2: Blog The program Ship Dry Cargo also includes Ballast Tanks Report and Bunker Survey Report.
The picture below shows a Bunker survey Report: Blog The Ship Dry Cargo contains several other reports. For example, the Report of the last 5 cargoes: Blog The Ship Dry Cargo also contains several reports related to quantities based on Rail Cars. This data could be used for the Bill of Lading quantity alternatively to quantity determined by means of the draught survey: Blog As you can see, Ship Dry Cargo have all capabilities required for the dry cargo inspection covering both ship and shore.


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