03 November 2018


Oil Quantity Calculations

            Oil Blending

    •  Calculation in Metric units, calculation in US customary units
    •  Possibility to calculate ship's, barge's or shore tank quantities by Tables 53 and 54A, B and D or Tables 5 and 6A, B and D either by ASTM D 1250-1980 or by ASTM D 1250-2004 reapproved in 2019 and by API MPMS Chapter 11.5 of each compound of the blend and of the blend itself.
    •  Conversion of prices per Metric tons in air to prices per US barrel at 60 dgr. F and vise versa of each compound of the blend and of the blend itself
    •  Calculation of temperature parameters of blend such as pour point, cloud point, cold filter plugging point (CFPP), freezing point, flash point, aniline point
    •  Calculation of viscosity, Reid Vapour Pressure, Calorific Values, Distillation be ASTM D86, True boiling Point, Cetane Index, Diesel Index, Driveability Index of each compound of the blend and of the blend itself
    •  Calculation of Metal, sulphur, ash, water contents, Conradson Carbon Residue of the blend
    •  Calculation of Research Octane Number and Motor Octane Number of the blend taking into account octane numbers of each compound of the blend and olefin and aromatics content of each compound
    •  Calculation of volumetric shrinkage of the blend while blending a heavy compound and a lighter compound (a diluent)
    •  Creation of data files, compressed data files, client's reports
    •  Possibility to e-mail data files, compressed data files and client's reports from the program
    •  Built-in Interpolation Calculator for calculation of volumes taking into account simultaneously ullages and trim or list
    •  Built-in Converter for calculation of viscosities at desired temperature using known one or two known viscosities at known temperatures, conversion of temperatures at degrees Celsius into degrees at degrees Fehrenheit and vise versa
    •  Automatic sorting of Time Log times chronologically and filling in Contents Listing with names of filled in forms
    •  Compatibility with Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 -2019
    •  User-friendly Help Menu
    • Single Project