Rail Tank Cars

By GSS Ops Team 21 January, Monday
RTC Oil RU program allows to calculate oil quantities  using  ASTM  and   GOST standards.

Moreover, RTC Oil RU program allows to use weighbridge readings and conversions of Metric tons in air into Metric tons in vacuo.

RTC Oil RU program has built-in calibration tables of all RTC types used in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

The program  RTC Oil RU  has the following list of cargo operations as shown on the picture below: Blog The program RTC Oil RU allows to select different options of calculations.

You can select either to calculate on basis of ASTM D1250-1980 or as per ASTM D1250-2004 which was re-approved in 2008 and then in 2019: Blog You can also select which table to use for calculation of VCF (CTPL) by selecting either "Crude", or "Product", or "Lube": Blog In most places of the former Soviet Union, the predominant quantity calculation method used by refineries and terminals that load or discharge rail tank cars is the GOST method, while the ASTM method is mainly used by the cargo inspectors for comparison with the values obtained by the GOST method.
However, multiple GOST methods can coexist in different locations, so you can choose from the drop-down list the method used in that particular location: Blog You can select in RTC Oil RU the way, how to calculate US barrels at 60°F:

if you pre-selected ASTM D1250-1980: Blog if you pre-selected ASTM D1250-2004: Blog You can select in RTC Oil RU from the drop-down list, which density (from the test or calculated, i.e. converted from the density at the temperature different from the standard temperature), which volume (from RTC calibration tables or from Meter readings) to be used for calculations and in case of the selection of "RTC tables" option, you also need to select the type of RTC from the drop-down list on the "Main" page and the program will calculate the volume of the product or the free water, corresponding to the selected type of the RTC: Blog As you can see, this program has a lot of useful features designed to automate and facilitates quantity calculations of products in Rail Tank Cars.

We only showed the main useful capabilities available in our Rail Tank Car program.


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